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Ghana's 2024 Legal
and Regulatory  Outlook

Bentsi-Enchill, Letsa & Ankomah presents Ghana's Legal and Regulatory Outlook for 2024. We have recapped key regulatory and sector-specific events and also projected important commercial and regulatory updates that are likely to affect businesses, industries and the economy.

We will be exploring areas related to our practice and services - Energy, Extractives and Infrastructure, Financial Institutions & Capital Markets, Corporate Commercial and Disputes.

We hope this publication will help clients and readers brace themselves for the year ahead. It will be a useful tool in strategic ideation, goal setting, identifying opportunities and overcoming potential challenges. 



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2023 was an eventful year in the Energy, Extractives and Infrastructure sectors because of the commencement, progress and completion of key development projects including the relocation of Ameri power plants, progress in the Early Power Project, and the granting of Ghana's first lithium mining lease. Notable in energy was the Gold for Oil policy and the start of oil production from Jubilee South-East. Infrastructure saw advances like the completion of priority projects under the Sinohydro deal.


Relevant laws enacted included amendments to tax, stamp duty, and income tax acts, as well as the introduction of new levies on emissions and growth. This publication takes a dive into these projects and legislations as well as our projections in related sectors in the coming months.


Financial Institutions
& Capital Markets 

In our 2023 report, we highlighted the legal and regulatory themes which we expected to impact activities within the financial services industry in 2023 and discussed the challenges and opportunities those issues would present. In this 2024 edition, we review the key market and regulatory developments from the 2023 financial year, consider how our projections for 2023 fared, and offer insights into the global and domestic trends which are shaping our outlook for business, legal and regulatory developments within the financial sector in 2024.

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2023 was marked with several policies and legislations aimed at restoring economic stability and attracting significant private investments in the country. This report provides insight into the legislative and policy landscape in Ghana that influenced business in 2023 and the likely projections for 2024 particularly in the corporate, trade, telecommunications, intellectual property, healthcare, labour and immigration sectors.



In this report, we take a look at the litigation trends that shaped the legal and commercial landscape in 2023 and explore how these updates will affect the year ahead.

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